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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do you have a blog when you are on social media?  Social media has become more difficult to manage due to interwoven advertisements. Content gets lost in the crowd, so to speak.  Having a blog cuts out distractions and has the content easily accessible.

  • Why do you travel so much? Traveling is something my husband and I enjoy doing in our free time.  We both get cabin-fever if stuck in one place for too long. I don't foresee the travels stopping any time soon. You only get one go around in life, might as well make it enjoyable

  • Why aren't there blog entries on your day-to-day work life? HIPAA, that's why. Living in small town USA, it would be difficult to share stories, even without patient identifiers. Someone somewhere would know who I was talking about. And yes, I do have some stories to tell, but, can't.

  • Why are you in school again? Aren't you satisfied? There's nothing wrong with staying an RN without the extra credentials at the end of your name. However, I want more, always. My current goal is to obtain a BSN then get credentialed in Nursing Informatics. Due to my health issues, I can't possible work "on the floor" my entire career. 

  • Do you have a donations site if we wish to donate to future trips? Do you have educational debts? I have PayPal (PayPal.Me/LeliaRN78 or Yes, I have educational debts that currently hover around $52,000. School isn't cheap and I have maxed out my financial aid borrowing. From this point on, I am paying out of pocket. I am not asking for donations, but will accept any and all.

  • Do you have advice for up and coming nurses? Nursing is a difficult profession. You must be able to deal with people during the good and the bad, but, mostly bad. It's a calling, really. Go for it, but keep in mind you are responsible for keeping people alive.

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