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Hello Readers!

I'm going to try to keep this blog updated from time to time. Currently, I am dealing with the possibility of losing my job (the hospital I work for has filed for bankruptcy and is laying off workers). Long story short, a decision will be made on or before December 21, 2019 to keep the hospital open, or close it.

So, I'm a little stressed at the moment with that, full time school, home life and looking for another mission trip to participate in. Obviously, the mission trip is on the back burner. My husband and I have to consider that we may be a one income family temporarily, and right around the holidays, so dropping a few thousand to help others is not something I should be doing right now :-/ Also in consideration is if I have to find a new job, I will not have vacation time for a while.

Please keep my coworkers and myself in your thoughts and prayers. We have lost some great people already and my heart is saddened.

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