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Packing is Complete

This bag has been a great source of stress for me over the past few weeks. This bag...This bag has haunted me with worry over how I would be able to fit everything I need for the week inside of it.

Can you believe that there are 3 gallons of water, a full-sized sleeping bag, 5 days worth of clothing (and an extra, because I'm clumsy), toiletries, towels, a mess kit, medical gear (BP cuff, thermometer, pulse ox, pen light, etc), 2 water bottles, a lantern, headlamp, batteries, a pillow and so much more inside of this thing? Me either.

After much worry, lists checked once, twice and over and over again...I am finally ready. My plane tickets are purchased, malpractice insurance obtained, passport is ready, volunteer fee paid, camera bag is filled, batteries are charged, IMR has been notified of my arrival into the country and so many other things I can't think of listing right now.

It is time.

I fly out early, the morning of September 27, 2019. Check back for updates!

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