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Packing Up

The worst part of any trip---packing.

When going on any mission trip, you must bring your own supplies. It is especially crucial when you are responding to a natural disaster. You do not want to be a drain on already depleted resources.

"You need to be self-sustaining on this trip without exception." --International Medical Relief

I received notice from International Medical Relief that I am to bring my own food, water, sleeping bag, mosquito net and of course all of the other items one would normally pack for a week-long journey. In the email, it stated "You need to be self-sustaining on this trip without exception." A large list was provided and I began seeking out all of the items immediately. Pictured above is one of my suitcases I will be taking. This is what I'm calling my "food bag." It has a week's work of MRE's, snacks, medications and other small items. The 4 gallons of water I'm required to take are currently sitting in my larger suitcase.

I know the suitcase looks excessive with food, but, consider a week on an island with no access to sustenance, you will be living on what you bring. I may have over-packed, but, I would rather have too much than too little, you know?

What's in the packages?

The dark blue packages with food names...well, those are MRE's. If you aren't familiar with MRE's, they're Meals Ready to Eat. Military, campers and those prepared for natural disasters are familiar with these packets of food. You're not going to hear people raving about the food quality. This will be my first go around with MRE's, so, I will let you know how that ends up.

Thankfully, I will have access to warm water, so I can at least heat the food up from it's dehydrated state.

The Other Suitcase

This bag is just,'s a hot mess.

Uh...well. As you can see, I have a lot of stuff to place into that tiny free space. How will I do it? Dark magic or Tetris skills are my best guess. In this bag there are headlamps, lanterns, flashlights, very little clothing options, garbage bags, masks, PPE, medical gear I have purchased for this trip (thermometer, BP cuff, stethoscope, pen light, pulse ox, etc.) And, I also have to place toiletries, toilet paper, a sleeping bag, a mosquito net and..and..and....

Also buried is my required 4 gallons of water.

Let's just say this bag gives me anxiety. I don't know how everything will fit and how I will maneuver with this heavy bag, my food suitcase and my large camera case.

The papers? I have to have lists to keep organized, somehow I'm managing. I'm sure I'll still end up forgetting something.

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