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Sept 27, 2019...Day 1 part 2

Yeah, I split this into two parts. It was an eventful day.

I try to call the hostel I've booked. It goes directly to voicemail. Have I been duped? Does this place exist? The taxi driver has never heard of it. We take a chance and drive.

The taxi driver finally gets up with the guy over the hostel and he gives us directions. We arrive and the doors are locked. I'm so ready to give up at this point. The taxi driver makes another call and the door is suddenly unlocked. I'm welcomed in by a lovely Australian woman.

The taxi driver asks for his fare. It was a 10 minute drive. The price? $75. He gave me a "discount" for my troubles. Thanks, dude. Thanks. *ouch*

Views from Ocean View Boutique Hostel in Nassau

I finally settled in to my room. There's no a/c. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of being hot the entire trip. I did have a small fan in the room, so I pointed that at the bed. I Skyped my husband, Mike and the power began flickering. The owner let me know there are rolling blackouts on the island daily/nightly.

I spoke with the hostel owner. He asked how much the taxi charged. I told him and he was disgusted. So disgusted, he knocked $75 off of my stay. I thanked him. I then decided to turn in for the night. My day begins early.

Goodnight, Bahamas

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