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Sept 28, 2019...Day 2

I wake up early, shower and make my way to the common area of the hostel. The host has provided breakfast for me.

Way more food than I could eat

Beautiful breakfast and a beautiful start to the day. I eat as much as I could and take one last look from the front yard.

The host then takes me back to the airport to meet up with my group, sparing me further taxi fees.


I arrive at the airport and see my little group forming in the area I was waiting in yesterday for baggage. We introduce ourselves and wait for everyone to arrive. We then get with our driver and make our way to the church we will be staying in for the week.

Just a few pictures from inside of the church.

The rest of our group arrives and we gather in the common area and introduce ourselves. We are all going to get along just fine, this is a great group I'm with.

The first day was spent getting familiar with the church, the area around us and talking about our agenda for the next few days.

The church sometimes has power, sometimes does not. There are fans, but it doesn't really help much.

The church is hot. Very, very hot.

This is the bedroom where six us slept. The other half of our team slept in another room

The kitchen needed some TLC.

My first meal of the day. Not bad.

We wandered out to the store and I grabbed some photos of our walk and inside the store...

We had a successful run and acquired some fresh fruits. We ate and settled in for the night.

Goodnight, Bahamas

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